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A one man business or a starting computer business might find it difficult to open trading accounts with wholesale suppliers. But we help individuals get access to up to 15 wholesalers. When you register then you can order from the suppliers you want, through us. We don't add a profit on the orders you place, so you get unlimited stock at dealer prices. When you order then we collect your stock from the relevant suppliers and deliver it to your door (R60 - R120 per delivery up to 10kg). We offer various packages, starting at R250 per month, which gives you access to stock from 15 wholesale suppliers. Our packages also includes a website with an online shop (1200 products - 14,000 products). CLICK HERE for packages details and to submit your registration.

 SHOP 1 DEMO WEBSITE (1200 products)

SHOP 2 DEMO WEBSITE (4000 products)

SHOP 3 DEMO WEBSITE (14000 products)



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