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Hosting and Wholesale Suppliers for
Computer Businesses

about us

When you register with us then we give you access to all our wholesale suppliers (20). We don't add a profit on the stock that you order, we only charge you a fixed monthly registration fee. Registration starts at R79 per month and includes a Reseller Hosting Account, Fax2email Agent setup & Drop-shipping

See below for more information or click here to register now. If you have any questions then please contact:


 Registration feeOrdersQuote & Order priorityHosting account
Starter package R79 p/month Cost price + 3% Normal 1GB disk space
Standard package R199 p/month Cost price + 0% Normal 50GB disk space
Premium package R500 p/month Cost price + 0% High 100GB disk space
Click here to register online now. No contracts >

Without you having to register with each of the wholesale suppliers or without you needing company registration documents, you can simply register with us and get instant access to all the suppliers. You will request your quotes and place your orders through us, but we add no profit on the stock that you order, you get everything at cost price. Once your account is active then you can download the original suppliers pricelists and start requesting quotes and place orders 

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Included in your registration is a free reseller hosting account. With it you can register domains for your customers and offer email and website hosting services.

Even if you have no knowledge of hosting, you can start by just registering domains for your clients and offer email services.
Using our customer portal you can register a domain for your client. Once the domain is live then you simply login to the Control panel and create email accounts for your customer, like: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The control panel will also give you the email settings so you can then setup these accounts in Outlook, on a smartphone or any other email client your prefer.
Once you are ready then start to look at website applications. Creating websites has been made very easy with software called "Content Management System (CMS)".
Also using the Control panel you can install these applications on your domains and have a running website in minutes. The two CMS applications we recommend is Joomla & Wordpress.
Making money with hosting:
You are free to create your own hosting packages for your clients, so you can decide how much disk space, bandwidth & email accounts each package must have.
You can also charge your own prices for your hosting packages.
Our recommend selling price is R50 p/month for a hosting account with 1GB web space and unlimited email accounts.
If you are on our Standard package then you as the reseller have 50GB disk space for all your clients.
Using the accounts on our servers, the average disk space usage per account is 385MB.
This means with your 50GB disk space you can sell 129 hosting accounts.
129 X R50 per month = R6450 per month income
If you want your customers to pay via debit order and you dont have a debit order service then Computer Wholesalers can process your debit orders. See debit order service for more info



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We can collect your stock from the suppliers and have it delivered directly to your clients. We can put your details as the sender on all waybills so your clients can see the parcel was sent by your company.

Daily stock collection
We collect your orders from all the suppliers in Johannesburg on a daily basis. This forms part of your monthly fee and no additional fees are charged for this service, irrespective of the size of your order or how often you order. Once we have collected your stock then you have the following options:
1. You can collect it from our office in Kempton Park
2. We can send it with the Post Office to you or directly to your client
3. We can send it with our couriers to have it door delivered to you or delivered directly to your client(s)
4. You can send your own couriers to collect from our office

Post Office Service
One of the above options is to send your order with the Post Office.
Benefits of using the Post Office:

It is the cheapest shipping option available
The Post Office have flat rates for parcels sent in South Africa. This means that the price to send a parcel to a small town in the Northern Cape will cost the same as sending it to one of the major cities like Joburg, Durban or Cape Town
Delivery takes 2 - 5 working days depending on where the parcel is going
Risk: we have had no parcels stolen or damaged in the last 12 months, but for peace of mind, you do have the option to insure your parcels at a cost of 2% of the value.

Door Delivery
We negotiated a discounted rate with our courier company for parcels to be hand delivered. Delivery takes 2 - 4 working days depending on where the delivery is. See shipping rates for prices. For courier quotes on parcels please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As a Fax2email agent you can create free fax2email numbers for customers. You then get 27c /minute commission on their incoming faxes. You get your own fax2email sub-domain where you can instantaneously create fax numbers. Website example:

Fax2email is a free service that you can offer your clients and there are no limit on the amount of numbers you are allowed to create

Example of commission earned
If you give 100 clients a free fax2email number, and each receive only 1 fax per day, then you earn:
R0.27 x 100 = R27 p/day
x 30 days = R810 p/month

As an agent you are able to login and view your commission reports in real-time.

How can a fax2email number be free?
It is because the person sending the fax pays for the service. Its like a phone call, the person making the call pays for it and not the person receiving it


We offer a VAT solution on the Premium package

If you are not registered for VAT and you have customers that need a VAT invoice then we can invoice your clients directly.

Cost per invoice:

  • 14% on your profit (we must pay this amount to SARS)
    *  your profit is calculated on: invoice amount to your customer minus cost from supplier
  • Admin fee of R25 per invoice

Your client can pay directly into our bank account for the order or he can pay you then you pay us 

For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Premium package account manager) 

On the Premium package we give you a free pre-designed website with all the products from the suppliers. Your clients can then search through the products and submit an online quote request.

  • The system currently has 25,000+ products listed
  • We do the installation on your website / domain
  • We load all the products from all the available suppliers
  • You set your own profit margin
  • Maintenance: we update the products and prices on your system when the suppliers release their new pricelists
  • We add the images on new products

You dont have to do any installations or maintenance, your only responsibility is to get traffic to your website and to quote your clients when you receive quote requests.

Website demo at

Please note:
The online quote requests will be emailed to you. You can then forward the request to us and we will get you the quote from the supplier. Once you have the quote from the supplier then you can quote your client.
You have to use your own accounting package to quote your client
Your domain must be on our server. If your domain is with another hosting company then you will have to setup a sub-domain called "products" and point the sub-domain to our server. If you dont have a domain yet then we can register one for you.

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Sahara CCTV (93)
Asbis (257)
Mustek (2700)
Esquire (4947)
Omega (434)
TVR (2437)
Eurobyte (586)
Astrum (506)
Comztek (336)
Kaira (289)
Corex (1287)
Core (273)
Sahara (445)
Micropoint (849)
Impression (1003)
Security Warehouse (5)
Linkqage (1599)
Partnertech (186)
Miro (1938)

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