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Search through all the products from a specific supplier. Each product have a description indicating whether the item is in-stock or out-of-stock. Prices on all products are updated daily according to supplier wholesale prices Choose the items you want to order. Choose the agent you want to collect from. Make payment and send POP. The agent will then contact you 3 - 5 days later so that you can collect your order When you place your order online then we collect the stock from the importers in JHB and send it to the agent you selected. You can then collect from the agent. You dont pay for courier fees from JHB to the agent If you dont have a Computer Wholesalers account yet then you can signup for R99 p/m. You then get all your computer products at wholesale prices with free shipping to agents plus you get a multi-domain hosting account  
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Supplier list

Sonic (616)
Sahara Consumables (1760)
Rectron (247)
Sahara CCTV (237)
Asbis (69)
Mustek (4801)
Esquire (4408)
Omega (418)
TVR (2434)
Eurobyte (805)
Astrum (905)
Comztek (23)
Kaira (276)
Corex (2137)
Sahara (158)
Impression (1332)
Linkqage (2329)
Partnertech (214)
Miro (1992)
Micropoint (1117)



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