Start your own Computer Business for R150 p/m
Get a Website with an Online Computer Shop for R950
The shop includes 40,000 pre-loaded produtcs so you can start selling as soon as your Website is live
( website setup: 2 - 3 days from sign-up)



The easiest way to start your own computer business is to trade as a sole proprietor. As a sole proprietor you are not required to formally register your business. You simply choose a name for your business and then trade under the name in your personal capacity
Example: Juan Booysen t/a Super Computers Online
You can then open a business bank account as a sole proprietor and you wont be required to submit any business registration forms to the bank. To open a business account at FNB as a sole proprietor you only need a copy of your ID and proof of address. With FNB you can open your business account online. Simply complete the required information on the registration page and they will issue you with a bank account number immediately. Your business cheque card will then be delivered to your door. To open a FNB account online, go to and click on "Switch to FNB" . A FNB pay-as-you-use business account costs R69 p/m 

We then provide you with all the other necessary services to run a fully functional computer business. The first thing you need is access to suppliers where you can purchase computer components at dealer pricing so that you can add a markup and resell to your clients. To get dealer accounts at wholesale suppliers might take time for a new computer business. We help starting resellers get access to suppliers by using our dealer accounts at wholesalers to order stock for resellers. The reseller will first ask us for a quote, we then get a quote from the supplier and then quote the reseller. To order, the reseller will place the order with us, we then place the order at the supplier, then collect the stock at the supplier and deliver to the reseller or directly to the resellers' client. We do not add a profit on the stock that a reseller order through us, we only charge a handling fee of 3% on the wholesale purchase price.

Collecting and delivering orders forms part of our drop-shipping service. When resellers place an order with us then they can specify where the order must be delivered to and how the parcel must be delivered (Courier or Post Office). We then put the resellers' details as the sender on the parcel and arrange the delivery

We charge a fixed amount of R150 per month for the services mentioned above (Drop-shipping + Wholesale supplier access). Whether you place no orders for the month or order stock for R100,000 you still pay only R150 p/m for us to process your orders. You sign no contracts so you can cancel at any time by giving 7 days notice

We can also provide a reseller with a website with an online shop, see below for more information

And lastly we also offer wholesale hosting services. Resellers can get access to our web servers to create website hosting accounts for clients. Resellers can then generate recurring income by charging their clients a monthly fee for hosting services


We register a domain for you and install a pre-designed website for you with an online computer shop. The shop includes 40,000+ pre-loaded products so you can start selling immediately when your shop is live


We update your website weekly. We remove end-of-life products that are no longer sold by the supplier. We add new products now available at the supplier. We load product images and we update the prices on the existing products according to the latest supplier pricelist

per month

We collect your orders from 20 wholesale suppliers (see supplier list), we package it and deliver it to you or directly to your clients. Orders can be delivered with Courier or Post Office. You can use your own dealer accounts at suppliers or you can use our dealer accounts and order through us. If you order through us then we charge a 3% handling fee on the stock you purchase. If you use your own dealer accounts then we don't add any handling fees when we collect your orders from the suppliers

per month

LIVE WEBSITE DEMO : (Resellers can choose their own domain name to install the website on. Click here  to check domain name availability)


 If you have any questions then please email

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We collect stock from the following suppliers

4. COREX    5. MUSTEK   6. KAIRA
10.  PARTNERTECH    11.  SONIC    12.  ASBIS
13. OMEGA   14. TVR   15. EUROBYTE
19. SYNTECH   20. MICROPOINT      


Resellers pay R280 for this touch screen cellphone watch
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