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When you register with us then we give you access to all our wholesale suppliers (20). We don't add a profit on the stock that you order, we only charge you a fixed monthly registration fee. Registration starts at R79 per month and includes a Reseller Hosting Account, Fax2email Agent setup & Drop-shipping

See below for more information or click here to register now or email if you have any questions

























Your monthly package fee includes a free reseller hosting account. You get control panel access on the server so that you can create hosting accounts for other domains. You can create your own hosting packages where you can limit: web space, bandwidth, number of email accounts and databases. 

Domain registrations
You can register as many domains as you want without paying additional hosting fees. The domains are registered in your own name or in your customer's name. Should you close your account with us then you still remain the owner of the domains and can move it to any other hosting company. Domain registration cost: - R85 and .com - R150

Free website applications
Your control panel also include Softaculous with which you can instantly install free applications on the domains you host. Categories include: Blogs, Portals, Forums, Image Galleries, Wikis, Social Networking, Ads / Classifieds, Calenders, Gaming, Polls & Surveys, Project Management, E-Commerce, Online Accounting, Guest Books, Customer Support, Educational, Music & Video. Click here for the full list of applications



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We can collect your stock from the suppliers and have it delivered directly to your clients. We can put your details as the sender on all waybills so your clients can see the parcel was sent by your company.

Daily stock collection
We collect your orders from all the suppliers in Johannesburg on a daily basis. This forms part of your monthly fee and no additional fees are charged for this service, irrespective of the size of your order or how often you order. Once we have collected your stock then you have the following options:
1. You can collect it from our office in Kempton Park
2. We can send it with the Post Office to you or directly to your client
3. We can send it with our couriers to have it door delivered to you or delivered directly to your client(s)
4. You can send your own couriers to collect from our office

Post Office Service
One of the above options is to send your order with the Post Office.
Benefits of using the Post Office:
  • It is the cheapest shipping option available
  • The Post Office have flat rates for parcels sent in South Africa. This means that the price to send a parcel to a small town in the Northern Cape will cost the same as sending it to one of the major cities like Joburg, Durban or Cape Town
  • Delivery takes 2 - 5 working days depending on where the parcel is going
  • Risk: we have had no parcels stolen or damaged in the last 12 months, but for peace of mind, you do have the option to insure your parcels at a cost of 2% of the value.

Door Delivery
We negotiated a discounted rate with our courier company for parcels to be hand delivered. Delivery takes 2 - 4 working days depending on where the delivery is. See shipping rates for prices. For courier quotes on parcels please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Fax2email Agent with Fax2email Website
As a Fax2email agent you can create free fax2email numbers for customers. You then get 27c /minute commission on their incoming faxes. You get your own fax2email sub-domain where you can instantaneously create fax numbers. Website example:

Fax2email is a free service that you can offer your clients and there are no limit on the amount of numbers you are allowed to create

Example of commission earned
If you give 100 clients a free fax2email number, and each receive only 1 fax per day, then you earn:
R0.27 x 100 = R27 p/day
x 30 days = R810 p/month

As an agent you are able to login and view your commission reports in real-time.

How can a fax2email number be free?
It is because the person sending the fax pays for the service. Its like a phone call, the person making the call pays for it and not the person receiving it

fax2email agent

Problem with shopping carts for Online Computer Stores

 In our experience it is not practical to have an online computer store.

The main issues are
1) STOCK: The ideal setup for a proper online store is to have the physical products at your premises so that you have control over stock. In the computer industry this is not possible because of the wide range of products and the high value of items.

The only alternative is to advertise the products on your site and hope there is stock at the supplier when you make a sale. This can be damaging for your business because the supplier stock levels changes daily and is very unreliable.

2) PRICING: Another problem is pricing. Most suppliers link their prices to the R/$ exchange rate. So some suppliers adjust their prices daily according to stock levels and exchange rate. Although they regularly send out pricelists, these prices can only be used as a guideline. If you publish the pricelist prices (including your profit) on your website, then you can end up making a loss on many of your sales if your supplier prices have increased.

3) MAINTENANCE: The last main issue is maintenance. If you try and sell products from all the suppliers then you can end up having 50,000+ products in your online store. This will be a massive task to maintain all these products (update prices monthly, add images, add new products, remove end-of-life products)

Our Solution for an Online Computer Store

Instead of a shopping cart we offer a "Online Pricelist and Quote Request" system to computer resellers.

Your clients can browse through all the supplier pricelists to find what they are looking for.

It also has a search function to search through a specific supplier or to search through all suppliers.

Once they found what they want they can then "Submit a Quote Request"

You as the reseller then receive an email from your website with the details of the request and the details of the client.

You can then check stock availability and current pricing and send an official quote to your client using your own accounting package.

This is what the system looks like:

The OPQR system (Online Pricelist & Quote Request)
  1. The system currently have 22,000+ products listed
  2. We do the installation on your website / domain
  3. We load all the products from all the available suppliers
  4. You set your own profit margin
  5. Maintenance: we update the products and prices on your system when the suppliers release their new pricelists
  6. We add the images on new products

You dont have to do any installations or maintenance, your only responsibility is to get traffic to your website and to quote your clients when you receive quote requests

Conditions to get the OPQR system:

  1. The OPQR system is free on the Premium package. The Premium package cost is R500 per month (or R2500 per year)
  2. Your company details will be in the system but it remains the property of CW. If you cancel your account with us or downgrade to the Starter or Standard package then we remove the system from your website
  3. The online quote requests will be emailed to you. If you have your own accounts at the suppliers then you can forward these requests directly to the relevant supplier. If you dont have your own supplier accounts then you can forward the request to us and we will get you the quote from the supplier. Once you have the quote from the supplier then you can quote your client.
  4. You have to use your own accounting package to quote your client. If you don't have an accounting package then consider using Pastel Online which is R150 per month (Pastel Online Accounting - 30 day free trial)
  5. Your domain must be on our server. If your domain is with another hosting company then you will have to setup a sub-domain called "products" and point the sub-domain to our server. If you dont have any website yet then we can register a domain for you for R50 per year.

 For more information see our FAQs or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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