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    Our website lists all the products currently available in 4 warehouses in Midrand, Johannesburg. Each warehouse is from a different wholesale supplier: Micropoint (Warehouse 1), Esquire (Warehouse 2), Rectron (Warehouse 3) & Corex (Warehouse 4).

    In our own experience we found it frustrating to quote clients because you can't rely on the supplier pricelists. The first problem with the pricelists is that it doesn't show you whether an item is in-stock or not. About 50% of the products on a pricelist is not in-stock, so before you can quote your client you must first contact the supplier to check stock availability.

    The second problem is that prices with suppliers can change daily, but pricelists only get updated weekly or monthly, so the prices on the pricelists could be out-dated. If you use the cost price on the pricelist to calculate your selling price to your client you could be under quoting or over quoting your client. So once again you had to contact the supplier to confirm current pricing before quoting your client

    Checking with the supplier each time you do a quote for a client is time-consuming, so we wanted a tool where we can go and check ourselves what the current stock availability and price is on an item. So we created a website with data-feeds to 4 suppliers. The product information (which includes stock availability and current pricing) from the 4 suppliers get imported into our website daily. 

    We now have the information we want in-order to quote our clients in a matter of seconds.

    We have now made this website available to resellers. If you have your own computer business or if you want to start a computer business then this tool is a must for your sales team. 

  • Website Access - Cost

    The cost to access our Online Warehouse is R150 per month. Once your account is activated then you will be able to login and see how many units are in-stock of each item and what the current price is (dealer cost price)

WAREHOUSE 1 (Micropoint)
WAREHOUSE 2 (Esquire)
WAREHOUSE 3 (Rectron)
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