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At the moment the margin is a flat rate percentage on all products. Sometime this year we will implement separate profit margins for separate suppliers. But separate margins for separate items is not possible as this stage. But note that the OPQR system is not an online ordering system. The intention is for your clients to get an idea of the price, but then they must submit a quote request so that you can check stock availability and current pricing. Once you have checked stock and price then you can send a formal quote to your client using your own accounting package. When doing the official quote you can then decide to give your client discount or up the price
The OPQR system is a Joomla component. So we install Joomla ver 3 with the OPQR system on your domain. We then give you the Joomla admin login details and you can make whatever changes you want
No. You can setup a sub-domain and point just the sub-domain to our server. Create a sub domain called "products". Then create a CNAME A record for the subdomain. host:

Yes this is possible. We need to configure this for you from our side so just let us know if you dont want to display prices to non-registered visitors.

The income that you make is dependent on what mark up and what suppliers you use as some of the suppliers we have have cheaper items and the others are more expensive so it would be entirely up to you and would also depend on what you purchase for example higher or lower end specs.

There are basically two packages you can choose from the starter package (R79) and the standard package (R199) the only difference between the two is on the starter package you get charged a 3% handling fee when you order. You pay for the monthly fees as we give the goods to you at cost price

You can purchase from us if you are in the surrounding countries such as Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Namibia. You do however need your own import/export number as we do not have this as yet. Then your courier can come collect the goods from us

Unfortunately we do not offer credit facilities, it would be cash upfront after we have quoted you as we order from the suppliers and we use your money to purchase these goods

You can only pay cash if you go on the yearly package

Yes we definately can, you would just need to provide the clients details and we can send directly to your client to the shipping option of your choice.

Yes you would be able to, please wait for us to contact you then we will let you know when your order/s are ready and you may come and collect.

Most of the warranties have a 1 year warranty, there are some products that have a longer warranty usually it is on the pricelist in the description of the product.

You can send it back to us via post office or courier the cost would be on the reseller. You would need to send us a copy of the invoice we send you and also a fault report on what the problem is.

Login to your WHM and on the left menu look for PACKAGES > then Add Package. Here you can set the limits for each package. Then to change a domain to a specific package > go to HOME > Account Functions > Upgrade/Downgrade an Account
1. Login to customer portal. 2. Go to Domains tab - Register new domain. 3. Enter domain name you would like. 4. Check availability and click continue. 5. Use default name servers - click on submit button. 6. At domain registrant information - add new contact - enter your clients details and click on submit registration.
Login to Cpanel. Navigate to phpMyAdmin and select the database for the Joomla! site in the left-hand drop-down list box. This will show the database tables on the left side of the screen. Find and click on the table with "_users" appended in the list of tables (note: you may have a prefix that is not jos_, simply go to the _users table for your prefix). Click on the "Browse" button in the top toolbar. This will show all of the users that are set up for this site. Find the user whose password you want to change and press the Edit icon for this row. A form will display that allows you to edit the password field. Copy the value d2064d358136996bd22421584a7cb33e:trd7TvKHx6dMeoMmBVxYmg0vuXEA4199 into the password field and press the Go button. phpMyAdmin should display the message "Affected rows: 1". At this point, the password should be changed to "secret". Log in with this user and password and change the password of this user to a secure value. Check all of the users using the User Manager to make sure they are legitimate. If you have been hacked, you may want to change all of the passwords on the site.
Login to the domain Cpanel. Go to MAIL category > Email accounts. There you can create email accounts. Once the account is created then click on configuration to view the mail settings

One of your domains is the "Master domain".
With the login details for that domain you can manage all your other domains.
To see what is your master domain, login to the customer portal > Services > My Services.
Your package will have a domain, that is your Master domain.
Click on "View details" then the "Change password" tab, there you will see your username and password.
Now login to Cpanel of your master domain. To get to Cpanel is always the domain name /cpanel (exmaple: yourowndomainname.co.za/cpanel ).
In Cpanel at the top you can "Switch Account" to any of your other domains and run any for the Cpanel functions on that domain like creating email accounts for that domain.

Login to WHM of your master domain ( example: yourowndomainname.co.za/whm ).
Here you can create hosting packages for your clients, change their packages, change their passwords and many more.
One of the most common functions is to setup a password for your client.
Go to > Account functions > Password modifications > choose the domain > enter the new password > click change password. You will then get a confirmation that the password is changed and what the username of the domain is.
You can then give that username and password to your client.
Your client will have Cpanel access but not WHM, only the master domain have WHM access.
You can then give your client his domain details and login details.
FTP host: ftp.yourowndomainname.co.za
Cpanel: yourowndomainname.co.za/cpanel
Login details: his username and password, which is the same for FTP and Cpanel 

One of the most common problems is insecure passwords.
Through brute force attempts hackers and malicious software can break easy passwords and get access to your accounts.
When creating passwords always try and use capital letters, lowercase, numbers and special characters in the same password.
Cpanel and WHM have a "Generate Password", we recommend that you rather use this function to generate random secure passwords.
Passwords must be secure for Cpanel access, email accounts and site software like Joomla & Wordpress

Also remember to always keep a backup of your website on your local PC

If you order new .co.za domains on a regular basis and you dont want to wait for us to process the registration then you can process it yourself and the domain will be registered immediately.

There are 3 important points to remember should you want to complete a domain registration yourself.

1) You must have a credit balance in your CWSA account. Try to keep a R300 - R500 balance in your account so that you can purchase domains

2) Before you order a domain you must first create a hosting account for the domain on the server

3) Use the correct nameservers when you order the domain

Steps to follow:

1) Create hosting account on the server
- Login to your WHM
- Account functions
- Create new account

2) Place domain order on the portal
- Use the following link: https://computerwholesalers.co.za/portal/cart.php?a=add&domain=register

3) Use the correct nameservers
If you don't know on which server your reseller hosting account is on then email hosting@computerwholesaler.co.za
Server1 (IP
Server2 (IP
4) Apply credit to invoice
Complete the order then you should see a notice in a red box with a link to the invoice. Click on the link. If you have a credit balance on your account you should now see a "apply credit" button. Once you click on this button then your domain will be registered automatically and it will be live in a few hours
If you have any problems please email hosting@computerwholesalers.co.za


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