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Register as a Computer Wholesalers Agent. Start from home and earn R5500 per month with 1 watch sale and 1 order collection per day, or open a shop and earn R110,000 per month with 20 watch sales and 20 order collections per day. See our home page for more info

To maintain an Online computer shop yourself is hard work and time consuming because Computer Prices and Products change very often.

We can install our Online Shopping system on your website that you dont have to constantly update.
We import the new products, prices, images and specials for you daily.
This gives you time to spend on communicating with your clients and to process orders.

When someone submits an order request on your site then you get an email from the website with the order and client details.

To protect resellers against stock problems and pricing changes, we have placed the following notice on the site:

"NOTICE: Listed prices excludes VAT and delivery charges. Due to changing stock levels and R/$ fluctuations we must first check availability and current pricing at the supplier when you submit your order request. If stock is available and pricing is still the same then we will send you banking details for payment so that we can process your order. If stock is not available or pricing have changed then we will send you a quote on an alternative or new pricing."
We can install the shop on your main domain or a sub-domain called "shop" on your main domain name.
Example of the shop can be seen here: shop.yourowndomainname.co.za
We dont offer a payment gateway because its to expensive on computer 
A credit card 
transaction can easily cost you 6% of the purchase price. Example: if you sell a laptop for R10,000 and accept payment via credit card then that single transaction will cost you R600. 
Most of our clients only accept EFT payments.

1) Client places order on your site
2) You receive the order via email
3) You forward the email to us so we can check stock at the supplier and pricing
4) We then send you a quote
5) If stock is available and pricing still the same then you send your client a pro-forma invoice with your banking details
6) Once the client made payment into your account, then you place the order with us.
7) We then collect the stock from the supplier and have it delivered to your client
The online shop is available on our Premium package which is R499 per month. Click here to register or upgrade to the Premium package

If you have any question then please email cThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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