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General supplier terms and conditions
Computers Wholesalers SA LTD serves as a sub-distributor. This means we stand as a middle man between the supplier and the reseller. By accepting our terms and conditions the reseller acknowledges that the terms and conditions between Computer Wholesalers and their suppliers is also applicable between Computer Wholesalers and the reseller. Supplier terms and conditions can be downloaded from their respective websites or can be provided on request.
By purchasing from a specific supplier through Computer Wholesalers SA, the reseller bounds itself to the supplier Terms and Conditions of that specific supplier
Resellers must send us the item codes and descriptions of the product/s that they want quotes on. We then forward this information to the specific supplier.
Although we try and assist where we can, we do have times where we get very busy and have to process many quotes. We therefor need resellers to take the time and go through the supplier pricelists and find the items that they want a quote on. If you dont know which supplier pricelist to find a specific item then contact us and we tell you which supplier to look at.
You can also use our online system to search for products and submit quote requests, but not all products are listed in the online system, so if you cant find anything on the system then rather look at the pricelists directly.
After looking at the online system and pricelists and you still cant find what you are looking for then email us and we will try and assist
Although we do check quotes when they get back from suppliers it can happen that incorrect items are quoted on. It is the reseller's responsibility to check quotes received and notify of us of any mistakes before ordering
Quote pricing
Although not often, it can happen that there is a price change between the time a quote was done and the time that the order is placed with the supplier. Because we dont add profit on the sale of products we cant therefore absorb the price difference. If there is a price difference then the CWSA orders person will notify you. You can then either make payment for the difference or request a refund.
Cancellation of orders
Once an order is placed with a supplier and needs to be cancelled then specific supplier terms and conditions comes into effect. In some cases orders must be specially built or specially ordered-in. In these cases the supplier might not want to cancel the order or request a handling fee to cancel the order. These conditions will then be passed on to the reseller.
Returning of stock
Here also the supplier specific terms and conditions comes into effect. If the reseller wants to return stock for credit then we will contact the supplier with the request. The supplier response can be one of 3 options. 1) Yes, goods can be returned for a full credit. 2) No, goods can not be returned. 3) Yes but, goods can be returned but a handling fee will be charged. Most suppliers have a 48 hour return policy for a full refund. After 48 hours a handling fee will be charged. Only unopened products that can be re-sold can be returned. So please make sure you have the correct stock before opening the packaging.
CWSA work on a COD basis with all of its suppliers. We don't get refunds when we cancel an order with our suppliers, we get credits that can then be used for future purchases. Depending on the size of the order, please allow 2/3 weeks to give us time to use the credit at the supplier for other orders, afterwhich we can then do a refund 
Courier insurance
All items are quoted without courier insurance. If stock is damaged or lost by the courier company then the loss is on the reseller. Courier insurance is optional at 2% of the parcel value. If you want to include courier insurance then please choose "Yes" at the courier option when you place your order on the portal.
Courier and postage delivery
Once a parcel is dispatched from the CWSA's office then we give the reseller the tracking number and courier contact details. It is then the reseller's responsibility to follow up with the courier company if parcels are delayed. In complicated circumstances CWSA will get involved to resolve courier deliveries 
Contacting suppliers
Resellers are not permitted to contact the suppliers directly. CWSA owns the accounts and resellers contacting suppliers directly represents us, we will then regard it as fraudulent activity. We regard this as a very serious matter and might cancel a reseller's account if it comes to our attention that this has happened. That said, we do help resellers get their own accounts at the suppliers on the premium package. In this case resellers are entitled to contact the suppliers directly because they are the owners of their accounts
Debit order bounces / Suspended accounts
An admin fee of R25 will be charged if your debit order bounces or to re-activate a suspended account.
Please note that package fees are due whether you will use the service or not. It is the Resellers responsibility to contact us should you wish to cancel.
Here also the supplier terms and conditions comes into effect. Resellers must return warranty items to us at their own cost, and when the item is ready the costs to send it back will also be on the reseller. We will then send it back to the supplier. Please note that some items might take a few weeks to repair or replace. This unfortunately is out of our hands and resellers must please understand that we do no have control over the time-frame on warranties.  
We do not quote on tenders. Most tenders are in the hundred thousands or millions. Because we offer no credit and require payment upfront for all orders, resellers will have to have the capital to pay for the order if they are awarded the tender. With tender quotes there is a lot of work involved both from our side and the suppliers side and can be damaging on our relationship with the supplier if we ask for a lot of tender quotes but never place the orders. If resellers are serious about a tender quote then proof must then be sent to us that the reseller has the necessary capital or credit access to process the order if they are awarded the tender. Alternatively resellers can go onto our premium package where we help you to get your own supplier accounts. You can then apply for credit at the suppliers and process your tender directly with them
Our terms and conditions are not a reflection of our staff. We are a young dynamic team that want to help our resellers succeeded. We are always open to suggestions and are willing to make changes where necessary to help all parties concerned. We ask that you understand that the suppliers have their respective T&C's and we need to abide to them to ensure a healthy ongoing relationship.


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